Refrigerator Temperature Problems

refrigerator door

Is your refrigerator too cold or too warm? The correct internal temperature is extremely important for a refrigerator. This is not the kind of problem that you are going to want to put off dealing with. A refrigerator that is not maintaining cold enough temperatures is not going to store food and beverages properly. This will cause the food to spoil and thus wasting both money and perfectly good food. Don’t let this problem linger to long before calling our appliance repair company.

There are a number of different things that can cause this to happen and most of them are easy enough fixes to take care of. If a repair is too complicated, we offer professional refrigerator repair.



This is one issue that is not that common and will require the attention of trained professionals. You will want to call a certified technician to deal with this problem. This will result in the refrigerator not being able to maintain temperatures that are cold enough.


There are vents that allow cold air to circulate from the freezer into the refrigerator section of the appliance. If these vents are impeded by ice, the air is not going to be able to circulate as it should. This problem can be addressed by unplugging the refrigerator (while making sure to leave the doors close as to not let in warm air) and allowing the ice to defrost. Then just plug the refrigerator back in.


It can cause a problem if the refrigerator is too full or not full enough. A stuffed refrigerator is not going to allow the air to flow throughout as it should. Items on top are going to be able to be kept colder than other things. The fridge should be kept just full enough but not too full.


A bad thermostat could be the reason why the refrigerator is not at the right temperature. You are going to want to check and make sure the refrigerator is set to the right temperature before assuming that the thermostat is bad. The fridge section should be kept at around 32 degrees and the freezer section should be kept at about 1 degree.


There is a switch located at the bottom of the door that turns the light off in the refrigerator and it also triggers the refrigerator to turn on. When this switch is faulty or broken, the door is not triggering this switch to tell the fridge to turn back on. It will also cause the light to remain on which will produce heat inside the fridge.


This problem is easily dealt with by unplugging the refrigerator in order to clean the dirty coils. These coils are usually located on the back or on the bottom of the refrigerator.


This feature on some models prevents ice from building up around the evaporator coils and evaporator fan. If this feature isn’t working, frost can build up around the coils or fans, thus not allowing them to do their jobs. The frost can also damage the fans.


When the door gaskets are torn, loose, or missing, the door will not seal properly. This poor seal will allow the cold air to seep out of the refrigerator. Frequent and/or repetitive opening of the door will cause the refrigerator to not maintain temperature. The opening and closing of the door will allow warm air in and if it continues, the refrigerator will not be able to get the refrigerator cooled off again.